Earl Grey

Libra Zodiac Mini Tea Caddy

Illustration : earl grey
Quantité par infusion
2.0 g pour 25 cl
Température d'infusion
95 °C
Durée d'infusion
4 minutes

À propos de ce thé

Finished in midnight blue and dotted with Swarovski crystals, each of the Zodiac Collection’s miniature caddies holds a specific loose leaf tea. Filled with a fragrant Earl Grey to suit the sensual, passionate and balanced nature of Libra, this particular design depicts the sign’s constellation in the night sky. The perfect gift or table present at 25g, give your tea-loving friends and family a reason to smile with the mini Libra caddy.

Birthdays for those born under the Libra star sign fall between 23rd September and 22nd October. A perfect wedding, anniversary, christening or birthday gift, this sparkling caddy shows the constellation of the steadfast and intelligent scales sign.

 Silver Award - Pentawards