Kan-Junga Silken Pyramids

Illustration : kan-junga silken pyramids
Quantité par infusion
1 sachet pour 25 cl
Température d'infusion
90 °C
Durée d'infusion
3 minutes

À propos de ce thé

Taking its name from the majestic peak of mount Kangchenjunga, Kan-Junga tea hails from the Himalayas. A unique and complex blend with a sweet and floral flavour reminiscent of fresh mountain air, this unforgettable tea comes into its own when served within a silken pyramid. Multi-wrapped for a fresh finish, Kan-Junga’s packaging is inspired by the Chitra Collection, Newby Founder Mr. Sethia’s own display of rare antiquities and opulent tea wares.

Each of 15 silken pyramids is specially sealed in triple layer alu-foil for freshness.

Silver Winner - DBA Design Silver Award - Pentawards